MICRO SWITCH™ Special Application Precision Switch DT Series

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MICRO SWITCH™ standard basic switches are precision snap-action mechanisms enclosed in accurately molded plastic cases. These switches are carefully manufactured and thoroughly inspected. They are industry known for their compactness, light weight, accurate repeatability and long life. MICRO SWITCH™ DT Series standard basic switches consist of two independent single-pole double throw circuits in one housing actuated by one actuator. The terminals are separated by a non-conductive shield to reduce shorting.


  • Mounting interchangeability with type Z switches 
  • Rated for 10 A at 240 Vac 
  • Temperature tolerance to 82 C [180 F] 
  • Design permits several wiring combinations 
  • Savings in space and weight 
  • UL recognized, CSA certified


  • Irrigation systems 
  • Semi-trailer trucks 
  • Timing devices 
  • Office equipment 
  • Test instruments 
  • Medical/dental equipment 
  • HVAC equipment 
  • Manually operated devices 
  • Valves