Relialign™ RDI2 Series - Residential Door Interlock Switch

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The Relialign™ Series electromechanical door interlock is designed specifically for swing door applications that include residential elevators, dumbwaiters, and platform lifts. The door interlock holds the door in place and prevents it from being opened when not desired (e.g. the elevator/lift car is not present at the door). A number of design features contribute to its enhanced safety, reduction of nuisance stoppages and call-backs, as well as simplified wiring and installation.

The Relialign™ RDI2 Series interlock features a rugged plastic molded housing. Featuring a custom internal solenoid control, Relialign™ interlock can reduce complexity of the host controller, trim down power consumption for a "greener" product, extend solenoid life and reduce solenoid "time outs," lessening customer aggravation. A Honeywell MICRO SWITCH™ switch is used to indicate door closure, providing an extra level of reliability.

Reliability and smooth operations are also enhanced by use of a metal key that is less susceptible to bending and breakage than plastic. The lack of open or exposed contacts minimizes the possibility of owners making manual adjustments. Finally, the engagement of the key initiates electrical contact.

The snap-action cam mechanism requires less adjustment set-up time and reduces door movement that could lead to a nuisance shutdown. Connection options include a 6-pin terminal strip or a Cat 5 connector, simplifying installation. The Relialign™ Series is designed to be easy for the OEM to retrofit into their current design.


  • Meets required safety codes 
  • Reduced potential for call-backs
  • Reliable performance and multiple design features to minimize nuisance stoppage of applications
  • Simplified wiring and installation
  • Reduced OEM design and manufacturing costs
  • Strong OEM sales message: enhanced safety, reduced owner aggravation, reduced power consumption
  • Honeywell brand quality


  • Residential elevators
  • Residential dumbwaiters
  • Platform/vertical lifts