Double Hall-Effect Speed Sensors SNDJ Series

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The Honeywell T4C Hall-effect sensor generates square wave signals proportional to rotary speeds and also provides directional indication. The T4C consists of two back-biased Hall-effect ICs that are zero-speed capable. The sensor must be oriented to the target using a special orientation sleeve. Zero-speed capabilities allow the T4C to also be used as a proximity switch.


  • Back biased differential hall sensor
  • Direct sensing of ferrous metal target
  • Speed and direction output signal
  • Zero speed sensing capability
  • Rugged 12 mm [0.47 in] stainless steel housing
  • 1,5 mm [0.06 in] sensing range
  • Quick connect termination


  • Speed and direction monitoring of rotating target
  • Detect rotary position of gear or shaft
  • Over-speed detection
  • Monitor shaft rotation