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Honeywell's FSS SMT Series force sensors are designed to be one of the most reliable force sensors available as illustrated by 20 million Mean Cycles to Failure (MCTF) rating. This low profile Surface Mount Technology (SMT) sensor allows for automated assembly on printed circuit boards, often helping the customer to reduce assembly costs.

The FSS SMT Series force sensor is designed provide precise and reliable force sensing performance in a compact commercial-grade package. The sensor incorporates Honewyell sensing technology that uses a specialized piezoresistive micro-machined silicon sensing element.

The sensor package incorporates patented modular construction. The use of innovative elastometric technology and engineered molded plastics results in load excitation capacities of 44 N over-force.


  • Surface mount technology allows for automated assembly and may eliminate hand soldering
  • RoHS-compliant materials meet Directive 2002/95/EC
  • Low deflection (30 microns typical at full scale) help reduce measurement error
  • Direct mechanical coupling of the actuating ball to the sense element
  • Small size minimizes space on the PCB
  • Provides enhanced sensitivity without compromising system integrity
  • Electrically ratiometric output accommodates supply voltage variations


  • Medical infusion pumps
  • Ambulatory noninvasive pump pressure
  • Occlusion detection
  • Kidney dialysis machines
  • Enternal pumps
  • Load and compression sensing
  • Variable tensions control
  • Wire bonding equipment