Hall-Effect Vane Sensors 4AV Series

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Honeywell AV vane operated integral magnet position sensors are operated by passing a ferrous vane through the gap between the Hall sensor and the magnet, shunting the magnetic flux away from the sensor. AVs can be used as limit switches by operating with a single large vane; as tachometer sensors by using toothed wheels; or as synchronizing elements by using cams or sectors.


  • Current sinking output
  • Smaller size than 2AV
  • Closely controlled differential to predict pulse width
  • Operation by a low cost, easy to fabricate ferrous vane
  • Magnet and sensor incorporated in same rugged package
  • Sealed construction ... unaffected by dust or dirt
  • 0 kHz to 100 kHz operating speed (No minimum speed of operation)
  • On and Off times programmable by vane dimensioning
  • Precision mechanical operating characteristics


  • Sprocket speed
  • Detection
  • Tachometer