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Honeywell’s Limitless™ product line uses the latest commercial off-the-shelf wireless technology and is now expanding the WLS Series to convert almost any electromechanical switch with low-energy contacts (i.e., gold) into a wireless switch. A user-supplied electromechanical switch is simply wired to the WLS Series Single Switch Adapter via the internal or external connections to then become a wireless-enabled switch for use with the Limitless™ WPMM or WDRR Series of monitors/receivers. The Limitless™ Single Switch Adapter can be used in a variety of industrial wireless limit switch applications such as reed, contact, pressure, door actuator, etc.

The Limitless™ Series is especially beneficial for remote monitoring applications where wiring or wire maintenance is not physically possible or economically feasible. Combining this greater flexibility with proven harsh-duty packaging can result in increased efficiencies and improved safety for machines, equipment, OEMs, and operators.


  • Allows almost any type of electromechanical switch with low-energy contacts (i.e., gold) to become “wireless”
  • Enables presence/absence detection in remote parts of application/machinery, where wiring is an issue or not feasible
  • Ability to reconfigure multiple switches, which easily allows for adding, subtracting or relocating of the Limitless™ WLS Single Switch Adapters
  • Reduced installation/maintenance costs with no wires, conduit, strain relief, clips, connectors, connection boxes, etc.
  • Eliminates issues with wire connection integrity on moving equipment
  • Consumes ultra-low power to prolong battery life


  • Agricultural equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Door actuation (up/down) switch
  • Industrial machines
  • Lifts
  • Machine tools
  • Packaging machinery
  • Wireless warehouse operations
  • Wireless electromechanical switch applications