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MICRO SWITCH™ miniature toggle switches with integrated wire termination system (IWTS). Provides a reliable, completely serviceable unit, which meets MIL-S-3950 requirements. IWTS improves maintainability since wiring bundles need not be disturbed. Leads are quickly and easily assembled or removed with an insert-extract tool. A unique three-rib (grommet style) elastomer seal protects the lead connections without potting. There are no exposed metal terminals. All units accept No. 20 wire with M39029/1-101 contact pins. Connections are resistant to shock, vibration and high pulling force.


  • Save space and weight
  • SPDT and DPDT circuitry 
  • Temperature range: -85°F to +160°F (-65°C to +71°C) 
  • Sealed bushing versions 
  • Available with 15/32 in. bushing


  • Industrial machinery and equipment 
  • Military and commercial aviation 
  • Construction equipment 
  • Test instruments 
  • Agricultural machinery 
  • Process control 
  • Medical instrumentation


Line Guide (PDF)