MICRO SWITCH™ Global Safety Switch GSS Series

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The GSS (Global Safety Switch) Series is intended for use in safety applications for guarding. The bright red housing ensures that the switch is visible on machinery and is instantly recognizable as a critical component. GSS switches are designed to provide a complete range of CENELEC standard products specifically for use in machine guarding applications where physical touch with the guard is essential and where a key-operated switch may be impractical or impossible to implement.

The GSS Series Global Safety Switch is available in three configurations:

  • GSA - Standard mounting per EN50041
  • GSC - Standard mounting per EN50047
  • GSE - Compatible with standard mounting per EN50047


  • Positive opening operation of normally closed contacts 
  • Available with up to 4NC positive opening contacts 
  • Galvanically isolated contacts 
  • Available with gold-plated contacts for improved switching reliability at low currents and voltages 
  • Wide selection of actuators 
  • UL, CSA, CE, BG pending


  • Machine tools 
  • Material handling equipment 
  • Packaging machinery 
  • Textile machinery 
  • Construction machinery and equipment