Silicon Low Pressure Sensor 24PC/26PC Series

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The 24PC/26PC Series miniature pressure sensors provide reliable differential pressure sensing performance in a compact package. The sensor features a proven sensing technology that utilizes a specialized piezoresistive micro-machined sensing element which allows part interchangeability, high performance, reliability, and accuracy. The low power, non-amplified, non-compensated Wheatstone bridge circuit design provides inherently stable mV outputs over 0.5 psi (24PC series) and 1.0 psi (26PC series) through 250 psi sensing ranges.


  • 24PC/26PC
    • True wet/wet differential sensing
    • Operable after exposure to frozen conditions
    • Can be used to measure vacuum or positive pressure
  • 24PC
    • Variety of gage pressure port configurations - easily and quickly modified for your special needs
    • 2 mA constant current excitation significantly reduces sensitivity shift over temperature
    • Choice of termination for gage sensors
  • 26PC
    • Calibrated null and span
    • Temperature compensated
    • Provides interchangeability
    • Lowest priced sensor with temperature sompensation and calibration


  • Medical Equipment
  • Environmental applications
  • Industrial Instrumentation
  • Analytical Instrumentation