Discrete RTD Sensors TD5A Series

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TD Series temperature sensors from Honeywell respond rapidly to temperature changes, and are accurate to ± 0.7 °C at 20 °C - completely interchangeable without recalibration. They are RTD (resistance temperature detector) sensors, and provide 8 Ohm/°C sensitivity, with inherently near linear outputs.

The sensing element is a silicon chip with a thin film resistive network pattern. The chips are individually laser trimmed to provide 2000 Ohm nominal resistance at room temperature (20 °C).

TD5A Miniature temperature sensor
The TD5A is a subminiature temperature sensor with three leads (The center is not connected).


  • Interchangeable without sensor-to-sensor recalibration
  • Very small thermal mass for fast response
  • Air or liquid temperature sensing
  • Linear temperature sensitivity
  • Proven thin film processing reliability
  • 2000 Ohm nominal resistance at 20 °C
  • Long term stability
  • Low cost


  • HVAC: room, duct and refrigerant temperature
  • Motors: overload protection
  • Electronic circuits: semiconductor protection
  • Process control: temperature regulation
  • Automotive: air or oil temperature
  • Appliances: cooking temperature