Waterproof Basic Switches - Z Series


The MICRO SWITCH™ Z Series Standard Subminiature Snap-Action Switches are designed for applications that require sensing the presence or absence of an object. For customers who need a switching solution to meet performance and design expectations, Honeywell's MICRO SWITCH™ Z Series offers product configurations at a great value.
• ZD Series: Watertight, but smaller sized than the ZM Series (similar to the ZX Series); with an IP67 rating, offers water tightness due to its lead wires; plunger travel can be restricted and offers a side-post quick mounting; often used in automotive applications due to its sealing ability and quick mounting option.
• ZW Series: With an IP67 rating, offers water tightness due to its lead wires, as well as a snap-on lever, coil spring, and ENEC rating; engineered to be used when a sealed position switch in a cost-effective package is required. VALUE PROPOSITIONS FOR Z SERIES
• Value: The right switch for a specified application at a competitive price. Honeywell matches product performance with customer design expectations.
• Customization: A wide variety of actuators, terminations, wire connections, operating and electrical characteristics result in thousands of potential configurations.
• Reliable: Exceeding UL and other agency requirements with repeatability and consistent performance within a range of conditions.
• Environmental Protection: Able to operate under difficult environmental conditions (ZW and ZD Series are sealed with an IP67 rating).

• Cherry D-series, E-series
• Panasonic ABS, ABJ, ASQ, AV3, AH1, AV4
• Saia X4, XC, V4N/V4NS, F4T7, X5
• Omron D2VW, SS, J-series


• Small size and light weight switches lend themselves to numerous potential applications
• Choice of low energy or power-duty electrical ratings allow the switch to be specified in more types of applications
• Broad range of amp ratings (from 0.1 A to 10.1 A)
• Watertight IP67 sealing available on some listings allows the switch to be used where sealing and presence/absence detection is required
• UL/CSA, cUL, ENEC, and CE approvals


• For use in applications where a pre-wired sealed on/off switch is required.
• Industrial/Consumer:
    ◦ Appliances
    ◦ communication equipment
    ◦ computers
    ◦ electromechanical timers
    ◦ mechanical cam assemblies (timers)
    ◦ office equipment
    ◦ electric tools
    ◦ HVAC wall controls
    ◦ instrumentation
    ◦ valves
    ◦vending machines

• Transportation:
    ◦ Automotive
    ◦ truck
    ◦ boat wire harnesses
    ◦ sub-assemblies for convertible roofs
    ◦ lock modules for tail-gate/trunk
    ◦ tank and hood latch detection

• Medical:
    ◦ Medical and hospital beds - foot pedal controls
    ◦ chair lifts