Wireless Heavy-Duty Limit Switch with Eyelet-Pull

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Honeywell WLS Series of Heavy Duty Wireless Limit Switches with an eyelet-pull operating head can be used to attach a rope, cable or chain. It also can be used on cranes as an anti-two-block (A2B) switch.

The Limitless™ Series benefits remote monitoring applications where wiring or wire maintenance is not physically possible or economically feasible. Combining this greater flexibility with proven harsh-duty packaging can result in increased efficiencies and improved safety for machines, equipment, OEMs, and operators.


  • Enables presence/absence detection in remote parts of application/machinery, where wiring is an issue or not feasible
  • Ability to reconfigure multiple switches that easily allows for adding, subtracting or relocating Limitless™ WLS switches
  • Reduces installation/maintenance costs with no wires, conduit, strain relief, clips, connectors, or connection boxes
  • Eliminates issues with wire connection integrity on moving equipment
  • Consumes ultra-low power to prolong battery life


  • Cranes: A2B (anti-two block) switch
  • Rope-pull: door activation switch
  • Cable pull for production stop applications (e.g., quality, broken tool, maintenance, out of parts); not applicable to human safety-stop applications