Full-Scale Offering. Solid, Robust Industry Knowledge. Whether you're an end-user or OEM, you face an ongoing challenge: to keep your machines and equipment operating safely and productively, while meeting all global workplace safety standards. When you need comprehensive solutions for machine safeguarding, Honeywell helps you meet the challenge with one of the industry's broadest switch portfolios. Honeywell offers you choices to ensure that your needs are met in the safety arena. Designed with OEMs in mind, we offer safety switches in every size.

  • Miniature switches – less than 50 mm [2 in] square – for smaller doors and openings
  • Trapped key and solenoid key switches for large, heavy doors
  • Cable pull switches for conveyor or perimeter guarding.
  • Non-contacting switches for small door position detection

TTI Featured Honeywell Safety Switches

Honeywell MICRO SWITCH™ 1CPS Series Cable Pull Safety Switch
The 1CPS Cable Pull Safety Switch is intended for use in applications where the cable runs up to 76 m [250 ft], such as conveyor runs within defined system zones. (Get Details)

Honeywell MICRO SWITCH™ 2CPS Cable Pull Safety Switch
The 2CPS Cable Pull Safety Switch provides readily accessible emergency stop over a long, linear distance. (Get Details)

Honeywell MICRO SWITCH™ GK Series Key Operated Safety Interlock Switch
The GK Series Dual Entry Key Operated Safety Interlock Switch is designed for use on machinery where key removal brings the machine to an immediate safe condition. (Get Details)

MICRO SWITCH™ GSS Series Global Safety Switch
The GSS (Global Safety Switch) Series is intendedy for use in safety applications for guarding. (Get Details)

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