The pressure is on.  The answer is here.  No matter the need, Honeywell Sensing and Control (S&C) has the microstructure, pressure sensor solution.  Our sensing element design consists of four piezoresistors galvanized with a thin, chemically etched silicon diaphragm.  A pressure change will flex the mechanism, causing a strain in the diaphragm and the buried resistors.  The resistor values will change in proportion to the stress applied, which produces an electrical output.  Honeywell components are used in medical, industrial, consumer and HVAC applications.  Honeywell S&C is always working harder, no matter the situation.  Or the pressure.

Featured Honeywell Pressure Sensors.

Honeywell Silicon Low Pressure SensorHoneywell Silicon Low Pressure Sensor 24PC and 26PC Series
The 24PC/26PC Series miniature pressure sensors provide reliable gage pressure sensing performance in a compact package.
(View Honeywell Silicon Low Pressure Sensor 24PC and 26PC Series)

Honeywell Low Pressure Sensor SMTHoneywell Silicon Low Pressure Sensor 24PC/26PC SMT Series
The 24PC/246C SMT Series pressure sensor is a small, low cost, high value, pressure sensing solution for use with printed circuit boards (PCBs).
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trustability_honeywell-small.jpgHoneywell TruStability® Pressure Sensor with Single Side Liquid Media Option
The single side Liquid Media Option allows the end customer to use one port of the sensor with condensing humidity or non-corrosive liquid media (i.e. de-ionized water), eliminating the complexity or added expense of having to protect the sensor from this type of media. (View Honeywell TruStability with Single Side Liquid Media Option)

Leadership, in full force. Whether it's critical applications such as IV drips or dialysis, or serious engineering like robotic end-effectors, Honeywell Sensing and Control (S&C) offers and unbeatable line of force sensor options. These sensors measure the addition or backup of force - meaning the resistance of silicon-implanted piezoresistors will increase when flexed under applied force. Each sensor concentrates force directly to the silicon-sensing element through a stainless steel plunger, with the amount of resistance changing in proportion to the amount of force applied. This change in circuit resistance results in a corresponding mV output level. Honeywell S&C force sensors also deliver built-in stability and flexibility to provide enhanced performance in most applications.

Featured Honeywell Force Sensors.

Honeywell Force SensorHoneywell Force Sensors FSS Series
The FSS Series Sensors provide precise, reliable force sensing performance in a compact commercial grade package.
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Honeywell Force Sensor SMTHoneywell Force Sensors FSS SMT Series
Honeywell's FSS SMT Series force sensors are designed to be one of the most reliable force sensors available as illustrated by 20 million Mean Cycles to Failure (MCTF) rating.
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Go with the flow of engineering leadership. All airflow sensors operate on heat transfer - flow and differential pressure. But Honeywell Sensing and Control (S&C) offers advanced chip design, manufacturing techniques and microstructure technology, allowing our micro-bridge to be notably faster, smaller and more sensitive. Our silicon chip design is created from a thin-film, thermally isolated bridge structure, containing both heater and temperature sensing elements. This provides rapid response to the air or gas flow and amount and direction, delivering a proportional output voltage. Amplified versions provide an enhanced output signal and less external circuitry, while unamplified versions allow additional external circuit options. What's more, a variety of port styles provides greater application flexibility.

Featured Honeywell Airflow Sensors.

Honeywell AWM Mass Airflow SensorsHoneywell Micro-bridge Mass Airflow Sensors AWM Series
The micro-bridge mass airflow sensor uses temperature-sensitive resistors deposited within a thin film of silicon nitride.
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zenphyr_airflow_sm.jpgHoneywell Zephyr Analog Airflow Sensors HAF Series
Honeywell Zephyr™ Analog Airflow Sensors provide an analog interface for reading airflow over the specified full scale flow span and temperature range. The analog version offers the same features, benefits, value propositions, and potential applications as the digital version. It is designed for customers that are either replacing legacy analog parts or who prefer to operate with an analog sensor.  (View Honeywell Zephyr™ Analog Airflow Sensors)