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Limit and enlosed switches help reduce operating and manufacturing cost during production of automatic drilling and tapping machines. Two HDLS switches control the stroke of the lead spindle screw. 

The switch is applied to an indexing table at a crimp station. The LS detects when the cyclinder has fully extended to crimping position and then fully retracted so the table can be indexed.

The rugged and highly dependable Honeywell MLH Series pressure sensors are a perfect choice for this type of application. 

Routine maintenance of natural gas cehicles incldes analysis of the fuel delivery system. In this application a technician uses a hand-held tool to make pressure measurements. 

An electric fork lift will not move unless the driver is on the seat. The hinged seat holds the switch closed and the power on only when the seat is weighted down.

FAA regulations require airport firefighters to train on at least one live fire a year. In the past, toxic and hard to control combustible materials were used to stage these fires. 

A self-propelled bale wagon loads and stacks bales automatically. Sensors need to interface with a CMOS digital control unit. 

A helmet visor typically does not allow adequate ventilation between the occupant and outside air temperature.