Mil-DTL 5015 E/R Connectors

ITT Cannon
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ITT Cannon’s ruggedized MIL-DTL 5015 (SAE-AS50151) connector series provides a cost effective solution for use in both industrial and military applications. This ITT product line delivers uncompromising durability and value, and continues to meet today’s demanding design requirements for a broad range of customer applications. These connectors utilize robust materials combined with precision manufacturing and stringent quality control to deliver superior performance.


  • Threaded coupling provides maximum shell conductivity.
  • Up to shell size 48
  • RoHS compliant product available.
  • Die Cast Al Components
  • Sealed – Bonded Insulator/Contacts
  • Crimp and Solder Termination
  • Integral Endbell
  • Alternate Polarizations
  • High Current Capability up to 150 amps
  • Harsh Environments (30PSI Sealing) & High Vibration
  • Lower Cost vs. Gold – Suitable for both Signal & Power
  • Plating: OD cadmium, green zinc chromate (MSA &B only), and RoHS compliant, electroless nickel, and black zinc cobalt



  • Robotics
  • Test Equipment
  • Hand Held Data Collection
  • Engine Bays / Motors
  • Infrastructure 
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Pumps
  • Processing equipment
  • Gearbox controls
  • Welding equipment
  • Radar 
  • Space & Satellites
  • Engine Bays
  • Launch systems
  • Ground Vehicles