Trident High Voltage (THV) Series Connectors

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Trident High Voltage series is based on the Trident Neptune Metal housing with insulator body designed for high voltage applications. These connectors are rated for up to 34 A (for wire size 4.0 mm² at 20°C), 500 V (AC and DC) and are VDE certified.


  • Bayonet coupling – plug with endbell & flange mount receptacle
  • Shell Size 14 / 4 way 
  • EMI Shielding (360ᵒ) Solution
  • VDE certified 4-way high voltage connector with up to 500 V DC/AC
  • Excellent durability: Up to 200 mating cycles
  • Harsh environment: IP67 (when mated), RoHS compliant, EN 61984
  • Temperature range -40ᵒC to +125ᵒC


  • Engines 
  • Chassis 
  • EV Battery 
  • Water cooling chargers
  • Control panels/box 
  • Sensor applications