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ITT Cannon
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The Trident Series is a versatile range of environmentally resistant electrical connectors with fully interchangeable contacts. From low cost corrosion resistant plastic to high performance shielded metal housings, ITT Cannon offers connectors that are UL approved and VDE certified (high voltage series) which provides a perfect interconnect solution for industrial and transportation applications.

ITT Cannon’s Trident Series offers rectangular and circular connectors from low cost corrosion resistant plastic to high performance shielded metal solutions. With an interchangeable machined, stamped and formed contact system, the innovative use of Trident contacts minimizes the need for tooling and provides a lower total cost of ownership due to faster assembly and disassembly while eliminating the need to invest in insertion tools.


  • Integrally moulded latches or bayonet coupling for quick connect/disconnect
  • UL-listed metal and plastic connectors
  • VDE certified high voltage plastic connectors
  • High sealing, high vibration, high voltage with shielded variants
  • Excellent durability: Up to 500 mating cycles
  • Accessories: end bells, cable conduit & heat shrink tubing adapters, dust caps and gaskets
  • Resistant against fluids- diesel, oil, brake fluids etc.
  • Low total cost of ownership with easy contact installation and fast mating
  • Wide range of contact sizes (stamped and machined), plating and wire sizes
  • Contacts interchangeable between all series
  • Harsh environment:IP65/IP67 & RoHS compliant


  • Engines 
  • Chassis 
  • EV Battery 
  • Gear box 
  • Control panels/box 
  • Sensor applications 
  • Dashboard harnessing 
  • LED lighting
  • Cooling and heating systems
  • Robotics