Trident Neptune (TN) Series Connectors

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Trident Neptune Series was specifically designed for harsh environment applications. They come with membrane wire seals that meet the requirements for IP67 and do not require blanking plugs for unused cavities. They will accept various combinations of signal (up to 16 A) and power (30 A) contacts. The receptacle connectors feature stainless steel bayonet pins integrally molded into the bodies. The plug connectors are available with either high strength metal or corrosion resistant plastic coupling rings. All Neptune Circular Connectors are RoHS Compliant.


  • Bayonet coupling with wide range of shell styles
  • IP67 cable sealing
  • Shell Size 14 thru 24
  • Layouts- 12-way thru 48-way
  • Mixed signal and power combinations
  • Material: Black Nylon Housings
  • Crimp or solder contact systems
  • Temperature range: -55ᵒC to +105ᵒC



  • Engines
  • Chassis 
  • Gear box 
  • Control panels/box 
  • Sensor applications 
  • Dashboard harnessing 
  • LED lighting
  • Robotics
  • Industrial equipment 
  • Outdoor electronics
  • Traffic management systems
  • Railway Infrastructure