KEMET High CV Ceramic Chips

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KEMET is continuing to broaden and enhance its ceramic portfolio with the introduction of its newest high capacitance ceramic components. The high C.V. components are designed to provide circuit functions such as decoupling and output filtering to the computers, graphics, power supply, satellite, and industrial market segments. Extended C.V. values are available in X5R and X7R dielectrics.

Three new 1210-X5R parts, from 12 µf to 22 µf at 16 volts The operating temperature range of these capacitors is between -55ºC and +85ºC for the X5R MLCC and between -55ºC and +125ºC for the X7R MLCC, with zero bias capacitance shift limited to +/- 15% over those ranges. The 1210 part is suitable for reflow soldering only. All parts incorporate KEMET’s standard barrier layer of pure nickel with an overplate of pure tin to provide excellent solderability as well as resistance to leaching. All parts are environmentally friendly.

The latest extended capacitance value offerings include:

  • 12 new 0603-X5R parts, from 1.2 µf to 2.2 µf at 6.3 volts and from 0.27 µf to 1 µf at 16 volts
  • Four new 0603-X7R parts, from 56 nf to 100 nf at 50 volts
  • 12 new 0805-X5R parts, from 1.2 µf to 4.7 µf at 16 volts and from .47 µf to 1.0 µf at 25 volts
  • Three new 1206-X5R parts, from 6.8 µf to 10 µf at 16 volts


  • Decoupling
  • Output filtering
  • Surface mount configuration
  • Extended capacitance values in X5R and X7R
  • Excellent solderability
  • Resistance to leaching


  • Motherboards (High-Speed)
  • Video/Graphics Cards
  • Power Supply Output Filtering
  • Power-on Timing Delay Circuitry
  • Disc Drives, Hard Drives, CD/DVD
  • Satellite Radio (Non Audio Circuitry)
  • Industrial Controls