KEMET High Voltage Commercial MLCC

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KEMET has expanded its portfolio of high temperature and high voltage ceramic solutions for the military, aerospace, power supply, oil exploration, and medical markets as well as commercial high voltage MLCCs, designed to withstand high voltage applications while offering extended capacitance combined with low leakage current and low ESR at high frequency.

The commercial grade high voltage MLCCs offer extended voltages in standard EIA case sizes in C0G and X7R dielectrics. The high temperature caps are designed for applications with continuous rated operating temperatures of 200ºC and 260ºC, these capacitors are intended for use in down-hole instrumentation, jet engine controls, and geophysical probes.

Devices are available in a C0G dielectric and a specially formulated X7R dielectric, allowing 40% retention of the 25ºC capacitance at 200ºC. Sierra KD Hi Voltage – Available in surface mount configurations, capacitors are available in voltages from 500V to 10kV. The part uses an internal cascading design to lower stress on the dielectric. Available dielectrics include C0G and X7R. Commercial Hi Voltage MLCC – This line includes voltages from 500V to 3kV and is available in case sizes 0805 through 2225 with capacitance values from 1 picofarad to 0.22 microfarads. The parts use a cascading internal electrode design which reduces stress on the dielectric, enabling higher levels of reliability achieved at higher voltages.


  • Operates in harsh environments
  • High temperature components specifically designed for continuous operating temperatures of 200ºC and 260ºC
  • Surface mount configurations
  • Military, aerospace, and commercial use
  • High capacitance with low leakage current and low ESR at high frequency
  • Pure tin (Sn) plated external electrodes for good solderability


  • High voltage power supply
  • Oil service and exploration
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Telecom
  • Laser light source circuits