AC Line EMI Caps X & Y

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KEMET EMI capacitors are offered in several ranges to meet nearly every application need. For across the line (X cap) requirements the series R46 combines small size, worldwide agency approvals and capacitance values up to 10uF. The high available capacitance can eliminate the need for multiple components in parallel. Choose from versions with 275 or 300VAC ENEC and CQC. Both versions are rated 310VAC with UL and CSA, making R46 ideal for N. American 277VAC industrial applications. Self-healing metallized polypropylene film is used for low loss and a benign failure mode.

For Y2 (line-to-ground) capacitors, KEMET offers two series with self-healing metallized polypropylene film, PHE850 and R41. Both are rated 300VAC worldwide, plus the PHE850 is rated 480VAC with UL and CSA. Industrial applications are well supported with a capacitance range up to 1uF. Made with metallized polypropylene film, they offer excellent self-healng for a benign failure mode and robust, safe operation.

For the very best safety and performance in a Y2 capacitor, check out series PME271Y. It's vacuum impregnated paper dielectric provides unmatched self healing and resistance to self-flammability for the most critical applications.


• Small size
• X2 caps up to 10uF can eliminate the need for multiple cap
• Y2 caps up to 1uF for high power and industrial applications
• Worldwide approvals in all common voltages
• Self-healing for a benign failure mode
• Mounts securely to board - will not bend over


• Switched-mode power supplies
• Industrial power
• LED lighting drivers & lighting ballasts
• Aircraft ground power units