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Today's power electronic designs require capacitors offering long life and high current capability. KEMET's line of radial box power capacitors fulfill the need. For IGBT snubbing, series C4B direct mounts to the IGBT terminals for low inductance and optimum transient suppression. Various tab electrode styles are available to match the common IGBT terminals. Series C4B offers excellent ripple current capability combined with 100,000 hours life at 85°C hotspot to meet demanding industrial applications.

For DC bus filtering (DC link), series C4AE is an excellent choice. It is also rated 100,000 hours life at 85°C hotspot. High ripple current capability combined with a wide voltage range makes C4AE ideal for PC board mount DC link capacitors. The 4-pin design provides low ESR and ESL as well as stable mounting for shock and vibration resistance. Available up to 100uF at 450VDC through 25uF at 1100VDC.


• 100,000 hours life at 85°C hotspot
• IGBT snubber capacitors with multiple tab configurations
• DC link capacitors with low inductance 4-pin design
• High ripple current ratings
• Wide voltage & capacitance range


• Any application using IGBT modules
• Alternative energy converters (wind, solar etc.)
• Welders
• Industrial power, motor drives