X7R Dielectric KPS Series Commercial Grade

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KEMET’s KPS series (KEMET Power Solutions) utilizes proprietary lead-frame technology to vertically stack and place one or two multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) into a single compact surface mount package. The attached lead-frame mechanically isolates the capacitor/s from the printed circuit board, therefore offering advanced mechanical and thermal stress performance.  Isolation also addresses concerns for audible, microphonic noise that may occur when a bias voltage is applied.

A two chip stack offers up to double the capacitance in the same or smaller design footprint when compared to traditional surface mount MLCC devices.

Providing up to 10mm of board flex capability, KPS series capacitors are environmentally friendly and in compliance with RoHS legislation. Available in X7R dielectric, these devices are capable of Pb-free reflow profiles and provide lower ESR, ESL and higher ripple current capability when compared to other dielectric solutions. 


• Higher capacitance in the same footprint
• Potential board space savings
• Advanced protection against thermal and mechanical stress
• Provides up to 10mm of board flex capability
• Reduces audible, microphonic noise
• Extremely low ESR and ESL
• Pb-Free and RoHS compliant
• Capable of Pb-Free reflow profiles
• Non-polar device, minimizing installation concerns
• Automotive grade (AEC-Q200) under development


• Industrial, Automotive, Military, Telecom
• Smoothing circuits
• DC-to-DC convertors
• Power supplies (input/output filters)
• Noise Reduction (piezoelectric/mechanical)
• Circuits with a direct battery or power source connection
• Critical and safety relevant circuits without (integrated) current limitation
• Any application that is subject to high levels of board flexure or temperature cycling


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