Low Inductance Capacitors - MKP Series

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The KEMET C4DE MKP Series DC-Link Film Capacitors are low inductance capacitors for DC-Link applications. With a metalized polypropylene film dielectric, the C4DE MKP Series is encased in a self-extinguishing plastic case (UL94 V0). Other features include a M6 or M8 threaded bolt (also available with threaded female connections), non-inductive type winding, dry construction, solid resin filling, reference standards IEC 61071 - EN 61071, IEC climatic category 40/85/21 according to IEC 68-1, and a case temperature range of -40 to +85ºC (storage to 105ºC). The Arcotronics/KEMET C4DE MKP Series DC-Link Film Capacitors offer rated voltage from 400 to 1000 Vdc and capacitance from 47 to 380 µF.


  • Protection of GTO
  • High ripple current D.C. filtering
  • Medium frequency tuning
  • Pulsed lasers