MIL-PRF-123 Ceramic Capacitors

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The MIL-PRF-123 specification covers the general requirements for high reliability, general purpose (BX and BR) and temperature stable (BP and BG) ceramic dielectric fixed capacitors, through-hole and SMD for space, missile, and other high reliability applications. Capacitors covered by this specification may be used in critical frequency determining applications, timing circuits, and other applications where absolute stability is required (BP and BG), and in applications where appreciable variations in capacitance with respect to temperature, voltage, frequency, and life can be tolerated (BX and BR). Life tests in this specification are performed at two times rated voltage at maximum rated temperature, and an assumed acceleration factor of 8:1 is used to relate life test data obtained at two times rated voltage to performance at rated voltage.

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MIL-PRF-123 SMD Dimensions (Inches)

Chip Size*: Style: Length (L): Width (W): Thickness Max (T):
0805 CKS51 0.080±0.015 0.050±0.015 0.055
1210 CKS52 0.120±0.015 0.100±0.015 0.065
1808 CKS53 0.180±0.015 0.080±0.015 0.065
2225 CKS54 0.22±0.015 0.250±0.015 0.065
1206 CKS55 0.120±0.015 0.060±0.015 0.065
1812 CKS56 0.180±0.015 0.125±0.015 0.080
1825 CKS57 0.180±0.015 0.250±0.015 0.080
*As designated by the Electronics Industry Association

MIL-PRF-123 diagram

MIL-PRF-123 Through-Hole Dimensions (Inches)

Case Size*: Style: Height (H): Length (L): Width (W): Lead Spacing (S):
C052 CKS05 0.190±0.010 0.190±0.010 0.090±0.010 0.200±0.015
C062 CKS06 0.290±0.010 0.290±0.010 0.090±0.010 0.200±0.015
C512 CKS07 0.480±0.020 0.480±0.020 0.140±0.010 0.400±0.020
*As designated by the Electronics Industry Association

MIL-PRF-123 diagram