KEMET SMP253 Metallized Paper Film Capacitor

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KEMET Surface Mount Paper/Film Capacitors consist of one of four metallized materials; Polyester (PET), Polyethylene Naphthalate (PEN), Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS), and Impregnated Paper.  KEMET SMP253 capacitors use a multi-layer metallized paper that exhibits excellent self-healing properties and transient handling capabilities. KEMET SMP253 film capacitors have a high dielectric constant and high ionization level due to impregnated dielectric material.  KEMET SMP 253 capacitors have an outstanding reliability in mains connected and other low frequency applications.  SMP253 capacitors are intended to be used as interference suppressors in Y2 applications or line-to-earth.

Capacitor Construction: 

KEMET Paper film capacitors for surface mounting use a multi-layer metallized paper as the electrode with a rugged box encapsulated and impregnated in a self-extinguishing material that meets the requirements of the UL 94V-0.

Recommended Soldering Conditions:

KEMET SMP 253 recommends reflow soldering on the top body surface of the capacitors only.  Preheating the KEMET SMP253 capacitor should not exceed 170°C.  The time in which the KEMET SMP253 capacitors are above 217°C should be limited to less than 50 seconds, with the peak temperature during the process never exceeding 240°C.


KEMET Film Capacitors
DC Volt (min/max):  
AC Volt (min/max): 250
Max uF (min/max volt): 4.7 uF
Max Temp °C: 100°
Construction: Encapsulated
Size Range: 5045
Peak Solder Temp °C: 250
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