KEMET SMR High Temperature Film Capacitors

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KEMET SMR high temperature capacitors use a polyphenylene sulfide film dielectric with vacuum-evaporated aluminum electrodes. The KEMET SMR high temperature capacitor contains radial leads of tinned wire electrically welded to the contact metal layer on the ends of the capacitor winding. KEMET SMR high temperature capacitors are designed for automotive and other high temperature applications, requiring capacitors with extremely high stability and low losses. KEMET SMR high temperature capacitors are an excellent choice in audio applications because the SMR offers excellent audio quality with no audio interference.


• Metallized Polyphenylene sulfide
• Stable at +150 °C, high temperature capacitor
• Self-extinguishing encapsulation material
• Vacuum-evaporated aluminum electrodes
• RoHS Compliant


• Automotive
• Applications with high ambient temperatures
• Requiring high stability and low losses
• Excellent sound quality in audio electronics