Electrolytic Capacitor Screw Terminals ALS30/31 Series Aluminum

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The ALS series of electrolytic screw terminal capacitors cover a wide range of case sizes and voltage ratings featuring high ripple currents and long life performance. They are ideally suited for industrial and commercial applications demanding high reliability and long life expectancy such as frequency converters, UPS systems and switch mode power supplies.


  • Imperial case sizes and terminals for the North American and Asian market
  • Long Life, 20000 hours at 85°C (Ur, Ir applied)
  • High ripple current
  • Excellent surge voltage capability
  • Optimized designs available on request


  • Industrial and commercial applications
  • Power supplies including switch mode
  • UPS systems
  • Variable speed drives
  • Frequency Inverters
  • Welding equipment
  • Energy storage in pulse discharge applications