High Voltage Polymer Capacitor (T521 Series)

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KEMET's new T521 Series capacitor is a surface mount polymer tantalum capacitor that has been designed to deliver low ESR, high capacitance and high volumetric efficiency in applications of up to 25V. Prior to the release of the T521 Series, polymer tantalum capacitors were limited to application voltages of less than 20V.  Overcoming voltage limitations through advances in materials and manufacturing processes, KEMET has successfully constructed and qualified the first polymer tantalum capacitors suitable for applications of up to 63V of continuous duty. 

In addition, these devices have demonstrated surge voltage handling capabilities in excess of 46V. This increase in voltage rating now provides designers working with higher voltage applications, such as 20V to 24V power input rails, with the option of incorporating polymer tantalum technology into new designs as opposed to settling for capacitance technologies that do not offer similar performance advantages. 


• High voltage (16V-63V)
• Up to 68uF capacitance value
• High ripple current capability
• Volumetrically efficient
• Safe failure mode
• Low ESR
• Stable temperature characteristics
• PB Free/RoHS compliant & halogen-free (with Sn termination finish)


• Industrial/Medical

◦ Industrial power suppliers
◦ Medical diagnostics

• Telecommunications
• Computer/Network

◦ Lap top, desk top, Net Books, servers

• Military/Avionics

◦ Military grade power supplies (up to 28V)
◦ Avionics instrumentation (to 28V)