T496 Hi-Rel Fused Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) MnO2 Series

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The T496 Hi-Rel Fused COTS MnO2 Series is available in DLA (DSCC) Drawing 04053 and can be ordered with a variety of options including surge current testing, Weibull Grading, termination options, and various ESR levels. A customizable testing and screening protocol is available upon customer request.  

KEMET’s T496 Hi-Rel Fused COTS MnO2 Series is designed to operate in high-current applications and includes a fusing mechanism. The built-in fuse element provides excellent protection from damaging short circuit conditions in applications where high fault currents exist. This type of fuse is ideal for high-current applications where no external series resistance is used. This solution will impact the failure mode process, replacing a short circuit situation (with high risk of circuit damage) with an open circuit. This type of capacitor will prevent any circuit interruption due to the capacitor failure mode. Fuse activation will occur (at room temperature 25˚C) within 1 second at fault currents of 4 amps and higher. As the fusing process is initiated, a post actuation resistance of greater than10 MΩ is assured (at 25˚C).


  • Meets or exceeds EIA standard 535BAACC
  • Halogen-free epoxy
  • Patented fuse assembly which protects against short circuit mode
  • DLA (DSCC) Drawing 04053 Available
  • Established Reliability Weibull Options B, C, or D
  • 100% surge current testing options per MIL–PRF–55365 available
  • Capacitance values of 0.15 μF to


  • Decoupling and filtering in    
  •             Computing
  •             Telecommunication
  •             Defense
  •             Industrial