T500 200°C Rated MnO2 Series High Temperature Surface Mount Tantalum

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The KEMET T500 Series is a high temperature product that offers optimum performance characteristics in applications with operating temperatures up to 200 degrees C. Typical applications include decoupling and filtering for various Measurement-While-Drilling or Monitoring-While-Drilling (MWD) technologies in the down-hole industry and high temperature requirements in the military, aerospace, and automotive industries.

The technology incorporated into this product is truly leading edge and has resulted in the best +200 degrees C rated tantalum capacitor available on the market today. KEMET's T500 Series is the first high temperature product offered with an established reliability option and 100% surge current option.


  • Meets or exceeds EIA standard 535BAAC
  • Weibull failure rate option B
  • Standard gold-plated termination
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Operating temperature range of -55˚C to +200˚C
  • 100% steady-state accelerated aging at 200°C
  • Voltage derating is 1/3 at 200°C
  • Qualified at 1,000 hours of life test at 200°C with 0.33 VR
  • Taped and reeled per EIA 481–1
  • Meets MSL 1 requirements for Pb-free assembly according to JEDEC J–STD–020
  • Surge current options available


  • Decoupling and filtering in downhole, military and aerospace industries.