KEMET M39003 Solid Tantalum Capacitors

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KEMET's solid tantalum capacitors are ruggedly built, designed for miniaturized circuitry, and are especially suited for coupling, bypass, filtering and R-C timing circuits. They exhibit excellent stability, extremely low DC leakage current, dissipation factor, and ESR/impedance over a wide temperature and frequency range.

The capacitors are available in standard EIA capacitance values from .0047-330μF in ±20%, ±10%, and ±5% tolerances and working voltages from 6-125 VDC.

The KEMET T110 Series is RoHS Compliant.


  • Ruggedly built and designed for miniaturized circuitry
  • Excellent stability
  • Low DC leakage current
  • Wide temperature and frequency range


  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • High Reliability
  • Bypass
  • Coupling
  • Filtering
  • R-C Timing Circuits