Flexible Termination Ceramic Chip Capacitor (FT-Cap)

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The KEMET FT-CAP is a surface mount multi-layer ceramic capacitor that incorporates a unique and flexible termination system. Integrated with KEMET's standard termination materials, a conductive epoxy is utilized between the conductive metallization and nickel barrier finish in order to establish pliability while maintaining terminal strength, solderability and electrical performance. This technology directs board flex stress away from the ceramic body and into the termination area. As a result, this termination system mitigates the risk of low-IR or short-circuit failures associated with board flex. The Kemet FT-CAP complements our current "Kemet Open Mode" and "Kemet Flexible Electrode (FE-CAP)" products by providing our customers with a complete portfolio of flex solutions.


• Operating Range: -55ºC to 125ºC
• Incorporate the standard KEMET barrier layer of pure nickel, with an overplate of pure tin to provide excellent solderability as well as resistance to leaching.



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