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KEMET now offers a 125ºC rated Conductive Polymer capacitor, KEMET T525 Series, which has been targeted for power management applications. This series offers all of the same advantages as KEMET's T520 KO-CAP including very low ESR, improved capacitance retention at high frequency and a benign failure mode, to go along with 125ºC capability. The new T525 product offers flexibility in many applications where extreme temperatures may exist.

T525 captures the best features of multilayer ceramic caps (low ESR and high frequency cap retention), aluminum electrolytics (benign failure mode), and proven solid tantalum technology (volumetric efficiency, surface mount capability, and no wear out mechanism). This series can help reduce component counts, eliminate through-hole assembly by replacing leaded aluminum capacitors, and offer a more cost effective solution to high-cost high-cap ceramic capacitors. These benefits allow the designer to save both board space and money.

This product has excellent surge current performance and long-term reliability. There is only a 20% recommended de-rating of application voltage up to 85°C. Above 85°C, per EIA guidelines, the recommended capacitor voltage rating drops to 0.8 times rated voltage at 105ºC, and 0.67 times rated voltage at 125ºC. The operating temperature is -55ºC to +125ºC.


• Polymer Cathode Technology
• Operating temperature range -55ºC to 125ºC
• Lead (Pb) free terminations
• Extremely low ESR
• Surface-mountable
• High frequency capacitance retention
• Robust to the SMT process
• Benign failure mode
• Only 20% voltage derating up to 85ºC
• Halogen free epoxy


• Power Supply
• Power Conversion
• De-coupling
• Cable & Satellite TV
• Applications Requiring +105ºC Continuous Operating Temperature
• Automotive


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