KEMET T530 Series Capacitors

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In the never-ending quest to improve the performance of the tantalum capacitor, KEMET continues this effort with the T530 surface mount capacitor. With the focus on reducing the ESR of these capacitors, the T530 combines the technologies introduced with the T510 (multiple anode, tantalum anodes with MnO2), and the T520 (replacing the MnO2 with a conductive polymer), to create a 1500µF chip capacitor with typical ESR below 6 milliohms.



• Extremely low ESR
• 125°C maximum temperature capability
• Non-ignition failure mode
• Capacitance range: 150µF to 1500µF
• Voltage: 2.5V to 10V
• 100% surge current testing
• EIA standard case size


• Power Supply
• Power Conversion
• De-Coupling
• Cable & Satellite TV
• Automotive


Product Bulletin (PDF)