T543 Series Polymer COTS

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The T543 Series Polymer COTS is an upscreened version of KEMET's commercial polymer product offering and captures the best features of multilayer ceramic capacitors (low ESR, high frequency capacitance retention), aluminum electrolytic capacitors (higher capacitance, benign failure mode), and proven solid tantalum technology (volumetric efficiency, surface mount capability, extremely long life). The T543 also offers an option for surge current testing (10 cycles at +25ºC and 10 cycles at -55ºC/+85ºC) and termination finish (SnPb and 100% Sn). 


• Extremely low ESR
• -55°C to 105°C operating temperature range
• Polymer cathode technology
• High frequency capacitance retention
• Non-ignition failure mode
• Capacitance up to 1,500 μF
• Enhanced derating
• 100% accelerated steady state aging
• 100% surge current tested
• Taped and reeled per EIA 481-1
• Volumetric efficiency and self-healing mechanism
• Termination options (SnPb and 100% Sn)
• Surge options at 25ºC and -55ºC/85ºC
• EIA standard case sizes


• DC/DC converters
• Switch mode and point of load power supply
• Radar pulse capacitor
• Telecommunications (mobile phone and base station)


Datasheet (PDF)