AO-CAP (Aluminum Organic Capacitor) - A700 Series

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KEMET Offers Higher Voltage AO-CAPKEMET recently released five new part numbers with voltage ratings of 12.5V and 16V for the AO-CAP product, which is designated as the A700 Series. The AO-CAP provides a high-frequency, bulk-capacitance solution. With aluminum as the anode material, aluminum oxide as the dielectric, and a conductive polymer as the counter-electrode, KEMET has created a high-frequency capacitor with extremely low ESR. The KEMET AO-CAP is robust to the SMT process and provides strong protection against cracks (flex). The AO-CAP is an ideal alternative to high-capacitance ceramics and a step up from existing aluminum-organic capacitors. Its outstanding high-frequency performance helps reduce component counts for a cost-effective solution that also saves board space. 


Advantages of AO-CAP

KEMET has advanced beyond existing aluminum organic capacitors to replace the wet electrolytic historically used in aluminum capacitors with a conductive polymer. Targeted for power management applications, the KEMET AO-CAP offers many advantages:

•Extremely Low ESR
•High capacitance retention for superior performance at high operating frequencies
•Robust to the SMT process
•No dry-out related failure mechanism
•Benign failure mode
•No voltage de-rating up to +125°C

The KEMET AO-CAP is a totally lead(Pb)-free device, with excellent surge current performance and long-term reliability. There is no recommended de-rating of application voltage to reduce failure rate. The operating temperature is -55°C to +125°C, and there is no voltage de-rating necessary for operation at 125°C.


Target Applications for AO-CAP

The AO-CAP can be used in power management applications and power conversion devices (computers, microprocessors, circuits, SMPS, VR) and for de-coupling and filtering (Telecom). However, it is also intended for use in any application where low ESR, non-ignition failure and its other advantages listed above are desirable. AO-CAP is designed for cell phones, laptop computers, PDAs, pagers, battery chargers, digital cameras, camcorders and other products requiring high frequency, low ESR solutions.


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