Flex Suppressor® - EF Series

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The EF Series Flex Suppressor® is an effective suppressor for high frequency noise generated from electronic devices. The flexible sheet is a polymer base blended with micron sized magnetic powders dispersed into the material. The EF Series is effective for resonance and wave suppression, and can be cut into virtually any shape.


  • “UL 94 HB” qualified for the plastic flammability standard. Competitors (including the AB-7000 series from 3M) are not qualified for this standard.
  • Usable in quasi-microwave ranges
  • Can be used in high-speed clocks (Up to 10 GHz)
  • Thin, flexible material used in portable equipment
  • Virtually no limitation in where it can be used
  • Less time required for installation
  • Can be manufactured in a variety of shapes/sizes
  • Resonance suppression – controls the high frequency current and suppresses unwanted electromagnetic resonance by creating impedance
  • Electromagnetic wave suppression – suppresses the electromagnetic wave intruding the sheet by the magnetic loss of its composition


  • Radiation noise suppression for electronic equipment
  • Quasi-microwave range interference prevention inside and in between electronics
  • Mobile communications equipment, wireless equipment (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), office automation equipment (personal computers, TFT LCD’s etc.), communication terminals in audio/video equipment, digital exchanges, etc.
  • ESD (electro static discharge) countermeasure