Ceramic Surface Mount High Voltage Capacitors

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KEMET's High Voltage Surface Mount Capacitors are designed to withstand high voltage applications. They offer high capacitance with low leakage current and low ESR at high frequency. The capacitors have pure tin (Sn) plated external electrodes for good solderability. X7R dielectrics are not designed for AC line filtering applications. An insulating coating may be required to prevent surface arcing.

These components are RoHS compliant.



  • Switch Mode Power Supply   
  •     Input Filter Resonators    
  •     Tank Circuit    
  •     Snubber Circuit   
  •     Output Filter
  • High Voltage Coupling
  • High Voltage DC Blocking
  • Lighting Ballast
  • Voltage Multiplier Circuits
  • Coupling Capacitor/CUK