Ceramic Surface Mount Tin/Lead (Sn/Pb) Termination Capacitors

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KEMET's line of Tin/Lead (Sn/Pb) termination commercial MLCC surface mount capacitors are designed to meet the needs of the commercial, high reliability and military customer applications where Tin/Lead plating is required. KEMET's Tin/Lead electroplating process is designed to meet a 5% minimum lead (Pb) content in the termination of the component. As the bulk of the electronics industry marches to RoHS compliance it is important that KEMET provide the Tin/Lead terminated products for our valued high reliability and mil/aero customers.

KEMET's Tin/Lead termination capacitors have an 'L' in the 14th digit of the part number. To request the L Series termination for other surface mount product lines (Open Mode, High Voltage, Arrays, etc.) or for additional dielectrics and higher voltage ratings, please contact us at 877-645-4884.