Ceramic Surface Mount Tip N Ring Capacitors

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KEMET's 250 VDC, or Tip N Ring, MLCC capacitors are designed and rated for telecommunication ringer circuits where the capacitor is used to block -48 to -52 Volt DC of line voltage and pass a 16-25 Hz AC signal pulse of 70 Vrms to 90 Vrms. The surface mount ceramic capacitors are excellent replacements for high voltage leaded film devices.

The smaller SMT footprints save valuable board space which is critical when creating new designs and the capacitors are able to withstand today's higher lead-free reflow processing temperatures. The ceramic MLCC have excellent high frequency filtering characteristics, low ESR, and high temperature reflow capabilities. KEMET Tip N Ring capacitors are available in standard EIA case sizes and standard capacitance values from 0.001μF to 1.2μF. The capacitors have pure tin (100% Matte Sn) plated terminations and are 100% lead free which is ideal for new environmentally demanding designs.



  • Telecommunication Ringing Circuits
  • Switch Mode Power Supply Snubber Circuits
  • High Voltage DC Blocking
  • High Voltage Coupling