KEMET PME271E and PME278 X1 EMI Suppression Capacitors

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KEMET PME271E and PME 278 metallized paper capacitors feature a high dielectric constant with excellent self-healing properties and transient handling capabilities.  KEMET metallized paper capacitors develop a high ionization level due to the impregnated dielectric material and maintain outstanding reliability in mains connected and other low frequency applications.  KEMET Evox PME271E and PME278 capacitors are constructed of a multi-layer metallized paper dielectric encapsulated and impregnated in self-extinguishing material meeting the requirements of UL94V-O.  Typical applications of the KEMET PME271E and PME 278 capacitors are interference suppressors.

KEMET PME271E and PME 278 metallized paper capacitors are classified as both X1 capacitors. Both capacitors meet the most stringent IEC humidity class, 56 days; while maintaining the highest possible safety regarding active and passive flammability.

Corona Resistance of KEMET Impregnated Paper Capacitors

KEMET impregnated capacitors feature a impregnation technique that eliminates pin-holes, thus also eliminating potential gas cells.  This elimination of potential gas cells cannot entirely eliminate the possibility of weak points in the winding.  These could result in a glow discharge, but the occurrence of such a discharge will eliminate the weak points and improve the insulation resistance thereafter due to a good self-healing process.  In addition, laboratory tests and applications reports verify that KEMET metallized paper capacitors can withstand very high levels of dU/dt, unique to metallized paper capacitors.


KEMET EMI Suppression Capacitors
Evox Rifa PME271E Capacitor
Evox Rifa PME278 Capacitor
International Standard: IEC 60384-14; EN132400 IEC 60384-14; EN132400
Rated Voltage VAC: 300 VAC 440 VAC
Test Voltage (Factory test): 2150 VDC 2700 VDC
Max. Temp °C: 110 110
Capacitance range:μF 0.01uF - 0.22uF 0.001uF - 0.15uF
Capacitance Tolerances: 20 ±%, 10 ±% 20 ±%
Climatic Category (IEC 60068) 40/110/56/B 40/110/56/B
Pulse Rise Time, V/μs max. dU/dt in operation: 400 - 1200 600 - 2000
Lead Spacing, mm: 15.2, 20.3, 22.5, 25.4 10.2, 15.2, 20.3, 22.5, 25.4
Packaging: Bulk in boxes, on tray or taped on reels Bulk in boxes, on tray or taped on reels
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KEMET PME271E Capacitors

  • X1 Class
  • Self-extinguishing UL 94V-0 encapsulation material
  • High dU/dt capability
  • Small dimensions
  • RoHS Compliant

KEMET PME278 Capacitors

  • Meet IEC humidity class, 56 days
  • Impregnated paper ensures excellent stability and reliability
  • X1 Class
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Interference Suppressors
  • X1 Applications, Across-the-Line