Tantalum Surface Mount Fused Capacitor (T496 Series)

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KEMET also offers a “fail-safe” fused solid tantalum chip capacitor. The built-in fuse element provides excellent protection from damaging short circuit conditions in applications where high fault currents exist. Protection from costly circuit damage due to reversed installation is offered with this device. Capacitance values range from 0.15 μF to 470.0 μF, in voltage ratings from 4 to 50. Standard capacitance tolerances include ±20% and ±10%. Tape and reeling per EIA 481-1 is standard.


  • Built-in fuse protects against damaging short circuit failure mode
  • Precision-molded, laser-marked case
  • Symmetrical, compliant terminations
  • Taped and reeled per EIA 481-1
  • Case geometry and footprints equivalent to industrial grade T491 series (Case sizes B, C, D, X only)
  • 100% Surge Current test on C, D, X series
  • Patented fuse assembly
  • Fuse actuation, 25°C: within 1 second at fault currents of 4 amps and higher
  • Continuous current capability: 0.75 amps
  • Post-actuation resistance, 25°C: 10 megohms minimum
  • Test tabs on the sides of the casebypass the capacitor element to allow direct testing of the fuse assembly
  • RoHS Compliant & Pb-free terminations