Revolutionary Ultra-Thin SMD Displays

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As pioneer of SMD Display technology, Kingbright continues to advance its SMD Display products by developing the ultra-thin 0.8” character height SMD Display with thickness as thin as 0.12” (3mm). This remarkable characteristic enhances design flexibility and readout clarity for engineers and designers in various appliance and healthcare applications. Furthermore, the SMD Display’s lightweight and low profile design coupled with its vivid and crisp displaying capability make handheld testing devices, instrumental equipment, and consumer electronics smaller, lighter, and flashier. Kingbright offers extensive selection of SMD Displays including sizes in 0.2”, 0.3”, 0.4”, 0.56”, 0.8” ; colors such as blue (470nm), green (570nm), red (635nm), yellow (590nm), and orange (601nm). In addition, this item is available in different types consisting single / dual digit as well as alphanumeric. The SMD Display’s automation-friendly tape and reel package and robust design reduce assembly cost and eliminate product deterioration during harsh assembly environment.


  • Size range from 0.2" up to 0.8" character height
  • Thickness as thin as 0.12" (3mm)
  • Color selections such as blue (470nm), green (570nm), red (635nm), yellow (590nm), and orange (601nm)
  • Available in single digit, dual digit, alphanumeric
  • Automation-friendly tape and reel package


  • Consumer Electronics
  • Healthcare Equipments
  • Gaming & Toys