HELI High Brightness Energy Efficient Low-Cost Illumination LEDs

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Using the latest AlGalnP and InGaN material, Kingbright exploits the technology to engineer high-efficacy light extraction and proudly introduces Kingbright's "HELI" series.

The "HELI (High Brightness Energy Efficient Low-Cost Illumination) series is available in True Green, Red, Orange and Amber. With improved color performance and luminous output up to ~12,000mcd, the series is designed for high-volume and cost-sensitive applications. In comparison to packages with similar performance, Kingbright’s "HELI" series offers up to 30% in cost saving with superior optical efficiency. Precisely engineered and packaged in robust industry-standard SMD & Thru-Hole packages, it is ideal for various industry products, especially for outdoor applications. All packages are RoHS compliant and compatible with automated placement equipment to reduce production time and cost.


  • Improved color performance & brightness
  • Available in Blue, True Green, Red, Orange and Amber
  • Available in various industry standard packages
  • Applicable in a wide range of market sectors
  • SMD packages
    • Wide viewing angles: 120°
    • Moisture sensitivity level: 3
    • Compatible with automated placement equipment
  • Through-Hole packages
    • Viewing angles range s from 20° to 34°
    • Reliable and robust
    • Automation-friendly tape & reel packaging available
  • RoHS compliant


  • Backlighting applications
    • Automotive
    • Healthcare
    • Instrumentation
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Interior switches
  • Signage applications
    • Indoor and Outdoor
    • Message panels, advertising
    • Traffic signs, scoreboards
  • Indicator applications
    • Automotive
    • Healthcare
    • Instrumentation
    • Consumer Electronics