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Dielectric Laboratories Wilkinson Power Dividers are a high frequency surface mountable power divider series that utilizes DLI's high dielectric ceramic material, providing small size and minimal performance variation over temperature. The compact size, broad band performance, and ease of integration make this power divider ideal anywhere board space is at a premium and quality signal splitting or combining is required. DLI Power Dividers provide broadband 6 to 18GHz performance.


  • Broadband 6 to 18GHz Performance
  • 0.7dB Typical Insertion Loss
  • 20dB Typical Isolation and Return Loss
  • Nominal Power Splitting (dB): 3.0 (typical)
  • Nominal Phase Shift (degrees): 0.0 (typical)
  • Amplitude Balance (dB): ±0.025 max.
  • Phase Balance (degrees): ±3.0 (max.)
  • Input Power as a Splitter (W): 5 (max.)
  • Excellent Phase and Amplitude Balance
  • Compact Solder Surface Mount Package