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KOA Speer’s ferrite product offering includes a full line of multilayer ferrite chip beads (MCB/CZB), power beads (MCP/CZP), inductors (MCL/MCI) and ceramic inductors (MHL/MHI). KOA Speer ferrite components are designed with a monolithic structure for a closed magnetic path that eliminates crosstalk and ensures high reliability through a wide temperature and humidity range. The nickel barrier and solder overcoat allows for excellent solderability and solder leach resistance. All styles are designed with superior termination bonding strength and are suitable for wave or reflow soldering. Tape and reel or bulk packaging is available. KOA ferrite components are utilized in telecommunication, computer, consumer electronic and data communication industries. Popular applications include sound cards, video cards, computer printers and keyboards, notebook computers, modems, cellular phones, LAM’s, PDA’s, VCR’s, network cards, DVD’s, digital T.V.’s, vehicle navigation systems, and radar detectors.
KOA Speer Electronics is a QS 9000, ISO 9002 certified company that has been serving the electronics industry since 1980. An affiliate of KOA Corporation of Japan, KOA Speer is a leading supplier of surface mount and thru-hole resistors, tantalum chip capacitors, inductors, resistor networks, integrated passive components, and ferrite beads. These products are distributed primarily to the North American market for applications including automotive, telecommunications, computer and instrumentation.


  • Monolithic structure for a closed magnetic path and high reliability
  • Excellent solderability and solder leach resistance
  • Standard EIA chip sizes of 0402, 0603, 0805, and 1206 are available
  • 1806 and 1812 chip sizes are also available in KOA's power beads
  • Insulation resistance of a 1GΩ and tolerances of ±5% ~ ±25%