PDG - 0603 SMT Diode

KOA Speer

KOA Speer Electronics recently introduced the miniature 0603 (1J) size to its line of PGD diode circuit protection components. PGD diode networks are bi-directional ESD suppressors designed to protect sensitive low voltage systems. This new 1.1mm x 0.75mm package ensures the signal integrity of high-speed data in a package that conserves essential board space.
KOA Speer's new PGD 0603 (1J) components are RoHS compliant and offer a 16kV ESD suppression rating and a 5.1A 8/20µs transient rating. The maximum working voltage is 5V, and the capacitance characteristic is rated at 15pF. The low capacitance and stable breakdown characteristics of the PGD diode networks in combination with the ultra-fast response time offer a significant application advantage as compared to metal oxide varistors.

KOA Speer PDG diodes are designed for use in a variety of digital circuit protection applications including peripheral ports (IEE 1284, USB, Firewire, SCSI, gaming, video, keyboard, audio, DC power), industrial control systems, and audio and networking equipment.The PGD1J series is packed on 7″ embossed plastic tape at 3,000 pieces per reel.


  • Package size: 1.1mm x 0.75mm
  • ESD suppression rating: 16kV
  • Transient rating: 5.1A 8/20us
  • Voltage maximum: 5V
  • Capacitance rating: 15pF
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Circuit Protection
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Audio Equipment
  • Networking Equipment