1.5 Watt Molded Current Sense Resistor (SLW1 Series)

KOA Speer
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The SLW1 features resistance values ranging from 3mΩ up to 100mΩ in several tolerances as low as 0.5% with a wide operating temperature range of -55°C to +180°C. The chips special electrode shape easily absorbs thermal expansion and shrinkage stress. It is made with a flame retardant molded construction providing high mechanical stability. These resistors are suitable for reflow, wave, and iron soldering.

The resistors are ideal for industrial, automotive, telecommunication and consumer electronic markets.


  • Higher power rating in a 2512 package
  • Flameproof UL94V) molded polymer case
  • AEC-Q200 qualified


  • DC to DC conversion
  • AC adaptors
  • Notebook PCs
  • Battery packs
  • Motor controls
  • Automotive engineering
  • Power supplies